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Killing Unit was born from the ashes of a previous band. 

When one of the founding band members left, with the band name and half of the songs, the three remaining members decided to stick together, and move on. More songs were written, and a fourth member joined in .

Mainly influenced by thrash and new wave of brtish heavy metal, Killing Unit does not pretend to be anything but a fun loving bunch of geezers, who enjoy good music, beer and playing loud.

 The Killing Unit is composed of :


Pascal BéginPascal Bégin


Ted has been playing guitar for over three decades, and played with many bands, including Alcoholica, Bloodmud, Sacrilège, Just2Bad, just to name a few. He's influences  by Adrian Smith, Dave Mustaine, Dimebag Darrell, Vivian Campbell and many more. Mosty a metal guy, Ted also played with hard rock, acoustic and alternative bands, and studied music with famous Quebec songwriter, Libert Subirana.

Pascal BéginPascal Bégin


Marty started playing bass in his early twenties and played from '92 to '95 in the montreal grindcore band called HUMAN GREED. He also played bass in AMNIORREHEXIS, did some vocals in CHEMICAL NURSLINGS. He founded LONGING FOR DAWN and played drums on their first album. His influences  range from DAN LILKER to PETER GABRIEL and on and on.


Pascal BéginPascal Bégin


After some tryouts as a drummer and a couple of years away of music, he gets back as a bassist for a Ghost tribute band a couple of years after his arrival to Montreal in 2012. He was also part of the cover band "Awake" and now he's kicking asses being part of KU. Influences: Metallica, GNR, Pearl Jam, Slipknot, Green Day, A7X, Muse,  The Offspring, SAOD, Volbeat, and lot and lot more...

Pascal BéginPascal Bégin



He's only in it for the money.