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Saturday, April 6 @ Piranha Bar

Posted 5/6/2019

By Ted

After almost 2 years, we were back at Piranha bar in Montreal on April 6th 2019, opening for Dizastra and a Black Sabbath tribute called Spiral Architect. 

We were supposed to play with our friends from Skullmace, but they had to cancel.We arrived at the venue around 6pm, but with all the construction in the surrounding areas, it wasn’t easy getting there on time. The guys from Spiral Architect were kind enough to help us load in our gear, and it was time for a quick soundcheck. The venue did a lot of improvement on their sound system, to our great pleasure. We took a few minutes to grab something to eat and went back to the venue, as the show was starting at 9pm. It was one of those quiet nights, but a good amount of people showed up for our set (most of them at the very last minute), which went very well. We played a mix of old and new stuff, the atmosphere on stage was really good, and we had a lot of fun, goofing around, as usual. Dizastra then hit the stage with their powerful mix of thrash and hardcore, and the evening ended with Spiral Architect. Big thanks to Francis Louis-Seize, Dungeon Works production and the Piranha staff, it was a fun night.