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Creative process

Posted 3/25/2019
by Ted
Most of the songs started with a riff. More often than not, these riffs appear when I am jamming home alone. I record the riff ASAP on my computer, and if the inspiration is still there, an instrumental version of the song quickly takes shape. If I am no longer inspired after the initial riff, I just stock it in a file, and when other riffs appear, I dig in this file to try to match it up with something else. A few songs were written starting from the lyrics. La tête dans l’cul on the first record is an example, and so is Godly faith erosion on the second. The events of life are my source of inspiration for the lyrics. But they can come at anytime, whether I am on the job, or taking a shower! When a song takes shape, I record a demo version on my computer, with drums and bass midi tracks, and I then send this demo to the rest of the band. After that, everyone puts their personal touch, and the song comes to life.