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Poisson d'avril /April Fool's day

Posted 4/20/2018

April 1st wasn’t April fool's for Killing Unit as we were invited to play in a tribute show for Yves Therrien, a friend of the management at Les Katacombes in Montreal. All profits of the evening went to mr. Therrien’s family.



The Laplaca Legacy opened the evening with a set majorly composed of vintage hardcore and heavy stuff, and the veterans of the Montreal metal scene delivered the goods. Then it was time for KU to deliver their blend of thrash and NWOBHM. A lot of people showed up for the event, more than we anticipated, and it was also a first time on stage for Kamilo with the band. The show went well, aside for a few technical problems.


Killing Unit@Katacombes, Montreal, 4/1/2018Killing Unit@Katacombes, Montreal, 4/1/2018

The crowd obviously did not know our material but seemed to enjoy our set. After a brief but intense show, we put the gear in the cars and grabbed a few drinks at the bar with some friends, while enjoying The Last Rockers on stage. They gave a good set of old school punk to the audience. Unfortunately, we missed the headliners, Global Holocaust, as we had to bring back our gear to the studio.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, we had a great evening.

We hope to see you all in July!